Sunday, 11 January 2009

Xzoga Jap Style MH Rod

Yeah just bought this on friday

Specification of Xzoga Jap Style
Model No : JA-S 53mh1
Length : 5 ft 3
Line : 8 - 20lb
Line Test : #Pe 1.0
Look at the tip part of the rod ... that greenish thing is luminator binded on it.
Cool right ? haha

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Anonymous said...

hi my name is ishak and i read with interest your purchase of the xzoga pe1 rod.

I am planning to buy the 7.5ft version of the same rod. May i enquire as to where you purchase the rod and how much was it?

If it is inconvenient to spill the beans here, i'll leave my email

i look forward to your reply