Monday, 4 April 2011

Fishes Caught by me for this past few months CNR

Haven had the discipline to constantly update my blog. Tonight quite free so decided to try start with my blog. And hopefully there is a continuous updating from now on for this year at least ahaha All Fishes were Catch and Release at Yishun Bottle Tree Pond

Est.26KG Red Tail Cat Vs 2kg Red Tail Cat

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Raining Season

It has been raining for days ... damn boring ... Cant go fishing at all

Saturday, 13 February 2010

RIP Arapaima

Last night me , ah ho and simon went to bottle tree to try our luck to over the leader for the shimano twinpower 3000 competition. I decided to use hot dog as my bait. After 30 minutes of the first cast, i managed to get a walking cat. Small one though but it boosted my morale as i have been achieving quite a number of zero fighter for the past two months. Around 2340, i casted my bait to the floating platform in the middle of the pond. After like 15 mins, i thought it is going to be a quiet night and was walking towards my rod to reel back my bait to change to live bait. Suddenly my marker went up straight , i took my rod up. And who knows my stella C3000 is peeling line out from the spool, i shouted at ah ho . Hosei liaoz Arapaima ! As i am using Xzoga PE 2, i managed to bring it in within 15 minutes.

Happy like a kid getting his first ever toy, i went down into the water with ah ho to take pictures with my prized catch. This is the first ever time i get this fish and this arapaima is my biggest catch in my whole life. Estimated weight is around 50 kg !

After that, they brought it near the water pump area to regain its full conscious before letting it back into the waters again. However after 15 minutes i saw them took it up to the pavement, i realised that the arapaima did not make it. Haiz .... i am still having the guilty feeling now .... Rest in Peace Arapaima ... Thank you so much for the fun you given me.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Quickie after a long wait

Yesterday night 12am plus, called simon ... on for a quick session at taman jurong pro pond.
We reach there around 0120hrs got started off with the usual taman jurong famous rig. After around 45 mins of waiting, i decided to take out the float and have a go with spinning. Soon enough i felt the first bite, just when i wanted to the whack that bugger, my line went loose. Sianz! I am RUSTY after so long of cold turkey and lost my prawn to that bugger.

Grateful that i made the correct choice of spinning, the first fish was landed , Mangroove jack.
I went back for the same spot to spin after 3 or 4 casts, taiwan nau BITE ! ... the fight was great.

Overall i had 3 catches and simon had 1 catch ... ( Super Last Minute MAN ) He got his at 0410hrs. LOL at least better than being a zero fighter.
Next time if i going to the pro pond, i will definitely bring kembong as bait rather than use live prawns.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Shimano Stella C3000

Finally get the chance to buy as my wife gave permission to get something from my wishlist.
So here i am admiring my Stella C3000 , still drooling like mad.
This is the ever expensive fishing gear i bought in my life after so many years of fishing
Right now while admiring this beauty, i am facing a problem of finding a suitable rod to go with it.
I am thinking of either Xzoga , Majorcraft, Jigging Master or Tenryu rods espcially on the PE 2 or PE 1-3 Range. Haiz big difficulty in searching what i am looking for.

Stella C3000 Specifications
Revolution ratiocm/rev: 71
Gear ratio: 5.2
Weight(g): 220g
Max Drag(kg): 6.0
Line Capacity: PE1-400m PE1.5-270m PE2-180m
Ball Bearings: 13/1

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Farmway 3 Saltwater Pond

As usual , me and Ho is itching like mad for fishes ( Fight ). This time round we decided to try somewhere else instead of aunty pond. So FARMWAY 3 here we go, not too bad for the catch rate as there were others anglers who went home being zerofighters.

7 fishes in total
Myself = 2 Taiwan Laus , 2 ACKs , 1 Grouper
Ah Ho = 1 Grouper and 1 Golden Promfret

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Aunty Pond Again 170109

As usual super last minutes got Ah Ho's call at 1930hrs. When we reached there, we saw all the fishes landed was KBLs. I must say quite sian at the start. We started fishing around 2100hrs, me and ho got 3 each haha ... Not a bad result bah. Both of us using our xzoga rod haha violent when we strike fishes SONG !

Ah ho = 3 ACKs
Myself = 2 ACK and 1 taiwan lau